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Wine Event! Native American Feasting! Fund Raiser for our Chapter! 18 April

Our biannual fundraiser will be Saturday, April 18th 6-8 PM at the home of Ann and John Kvach. Hope you have purchased or will purchase your tickets and help promote our event! As with all of our events, it's open to the public. Have friends who are wine lovers? Fun to be around? Interested in Native American History?

We will be tasting wines from Chile and Argentina and learning about Native American Feasting from Redstone Arsenal Archaeologist Ben Hoksbergen. We'll also have our eclectic and wonderful Silent Auction.

This year our local society funded: Dr. Jungers (early humans), Dr. Larson (dog domestication), Br. Brite (Central Asia), and Dr. Pagani (China on April 9) :-).

$40 couple
$25 single
$15 retirees

Checks "UAH Art Gift Account" mailed to Lillian Joyce at UAH Art Department or bring to one of the China talks on the 9th.  

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