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Sadly, due to issues with air flights, Mr. Brownlee could not make it to Huntsville.  We will try to reschedule at a later date.

Kevin Brownlee, curator of Archaeology of the Manitoba Museum, focuses on the archaeology of Manitoba's boreal forest and the emerging field of indigenous archaeology.  Brownlee has spent his career working with Indigenous communities raising awareness of ancient heritage and archaeology.

"Experimental Archaeology:  How We Know What We Know," Tuesday, 1 March 12:45pm
Wilson Hall 168, UAH Campus.

"First Nations of Canada:  Archaeology & Repatriation of Ancestral Remains," Tuesday, 1 March, 7:30 pm, Chan Auditorium, Business Administration Building,

The events are free and open to the public.  Please come and bring a friend!


AIA TALK: When is a Statue Not a Statue? 17 February 2016

Carol C. Mattusch, Mathy Professor of Art History at George Mason University, teaches courses on Greek, Roman, and 18th-century art and archaeology. Her specialty is classical bronzes, in particular the connections among technology, artistic styles, and the market in the ancient Mediterranean world.

Mattusch is the principal author and editor of Pompeii and the Roman Villa: Art and Culture around the Bay of Naples (2008). Her other books include The Villa dei Papiri at Herculaneum: Life and Afterlife of a Sculpture Collection (2005); The Victorious Youth (1997); Classical Bronzes: The Art and Craft of Greek and Roman Statuary (1996); Greek Bronze Statuary: From the Beginnings through the Fifth Century B.C. (1988); and Bronzeworkers in the Athenian Agora (1982).

"An Introduction to Herculaneum:  The Villa dei Papiri"
2:20 PM 17 February 2016
Wilson Hall 168, UAH Campus

"When is a Statue Not a Statue?  The Case of Bronze Youths"
7:30 PM 17 Februrary 2016
Chan Auditorium, Business Administration Building, UAH Campus