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AIA TALKS: Ramesses and Egyptian Gold -- September 8 & 9

Many of you will remember Peter Brand from our wine tasting last November where he gave an engaging talk on the Egyptian evidence for the early Israelites. Dr. Brand, who has appeared in numerous documentaries  sponsored by the History Channel and National Geographic, continues his fieldwork at the great temple in Karnak with the aid of a $200,000 NEH grant. In particular Dr. Brand has been working on the inscriptions in the Hypostyle Hall, Ramesses II’s grand addition to the Egypt's most important temple complex.
Drawing on the latest research for his first talk, Dr. Peter brand reveals Ramesses the Great as a gifted politician, canny elder statesman, and tenacious warrior. He built vast temples and colossal statues throughout his Empire, more than any other Pharaoh. 

Thursday, Sept. 8
"Ramesses II: Egypt's Ultimate Pharaoh"
Chan Auditorium, 7:30 PM
In his second talk, Dr. Brand will discuss Egyptian gold. Like all peoples, the ancient Egyptians were mesmerized by gold, which they called "the flesh of the gods." Pharaohs jealously guarded the means and rights to extract gold from mines in the eastern deserts and from Nubia. The kings used gold to enhance their power and splendor. This illustrated lecture explores the spectacular golden objects the pharaohs used to impress their subjects, foreign peoples, and even the gods themselves.

Friday, Sept. 9
"Power Tool: Political Uses of Gold in the New Kingdom"
Wilson Hall 168, 2:00 PM

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