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AIA TALK: Art of Gandhara, Buddhist Imagery,--16 February

Dr. Kurt Behrendt has his PhD from the University of California, Los Angeles. Prior to joining the curatorial staff of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, he taught at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. He has written numerous articles on Buddhist art in India and Tibet and on the practice of pilgrimage, including studies of relics and narrative art. He has also three books on the art, archaeology, and religious practices of Gandhara in northern India. 

"Art of Gandhara:  Indo-Mediterranean Trade and New Buddhist Imagery," 7:30 PM Wednesday, 16 February 2011, Wilson Hall Theatre

"India and Tibet:  Cultural Interactions and the Spread of Buddhism," 12:45 PM Thursday, February 17 2011, Wilson Hall 168

All events free and open to the public.  Please bring a friend!

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