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AIA Talk: Fields of Fire: They died with Custer -- 29 September 2010

Dr. Melissa Connor is an Associate Professor and the Director of the Forensic Science Program at Nebraska Wesleyan where she teaches courses in the Fundamentals of Crime Scene Investigation as well as the Introduction to Forensic Science and Forensic Archaeology. She has published a textbook, Forensic Methods.  In 2009 she produced the entry for “Mass Grave Investigation” for the Wiley Encyclopedia of Forensic Science, which follows up several publications on contemporary mass graves in Bosnia and Herzogovina, as well as historical sites such as that of the stunning defeat of the US Army at the Battle of the Little Bighorn, a campaign led by General George Armstrong Custer. A range fire at the battlefield in 1983 made possible a new set of investigations of the site that continued through 2005.  She co-authored a book on the research, called They Died with Custer.   She will share some fascinating revelations in her lecture.

7:30 PM, 29 September 2010
Chan Auditorium, UAHuntsville

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