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AIA Talk: Okinawa: Kingdom of the Coral Isles 8 April

Dr. Richard Pearson, of  University of British Columbia will give two talks.  After earning his PhD at Yale University and beginning his career at the University of Hawaii studying Polynesian cultures, Dr. Richard Pearson’s research interests took him progressively west toward Japan, Korea, and China. During his early career, migrations and settlement patterns were among his diverse concentrations. More recently he has been examining state formation and trade. Dr. Pearson has trained many students who have gone on to prestigious university and museum positions. In 2009 he edited a significant publication relating to Okinawa, the subject of his evening talk. This work followed an article on the Jomon period and social complexity in early Japan. For his day lecture on Chinese ceramics, Dr. Pearson will have actual artifacts available for audience members to examine.

Chinese Ceramics and International Trade, April 8
12:45 PM, Wilson Hall 168

Okinawa: Kingdom of the Coral Isles, April 8, 7:30 PM, Shelby Center 109

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