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AIA Talk: Cathedral of Notre-Dame, November 11

Stefaan Van Liefferinge joined The University of Georgia in 2007. Van Liefferinge is especially interested in the study architecture from the perspective of the history of science in the Middle Ages. His doctoral dissertation discussed the use of mathematical knowledge for the design of the Gothic choir of the cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris. Besides his PhD in Art History and Archaeology, Van Liefferinge possesses degrees in Computer Science and Physics, and has previously worked for IT companies. Stefaan Van Liefferinge has been involved in different research projects involving digital media, and, in his current research, he is committed to continue investigating new ways to study the monuments of the past by addressing advanced technologies. Currently, Van Liefferinge is preparing a book on the connections between scientific and architectural achievements of the twelfth century.

The lecture will be at 7:30 PM Wednesday 11 November in Chan Auditorium on the UAHuntsville campus.

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